Player quat9 posted a message on 04/06 13:37 on the MadLotto Forum: Number of Prizes points!!!!!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Number of Prizes points!!!!!
02/10/2008 07:53:05

personally I personally bought once credits to my registration just enough to be vip and be able to exchange prize for points. and to earn a lot of points I do every day the Sweepstake is I earn 1 to 2 Prizes per week and I earn between 25000 and 60000 per prize which makes very quickly set up my Cash pot without spendingSilver

24/09/2008 08:06:21


It's true that it's quite difficult but there are many ways on the site to win Prizes quickly enough with credits like for example Loot games allow you to be able to win Prizes and then if you like, to exchange them for madpoints to be able to choose your Prizes.

You can also Play in the tournament, no need to be 3 first to win a lot of madpoints, in some tournament, being 4 to 10 allows you to win 25 000 and 10 000 for the 11 to 30ème for 3 credits minimum.

Otherwise you have party time in Loot games where you can have a lot of madpoints if you are lucky (with *2 possible madpoints wins or *3).
I have had 40,000 madpoints with a *2 bonus and the prize. After that to have the Party Pooper and not lose the winnings, it's scary but it's fun XD.

The games are nevertheless difficult but if you have been known the years tetris, column, swap, bubble, then it shouldn't be hard for you (it makes me melancholic since I used to like to break records on this kind of game in my time). And with a little practice, you'll get used to it.

There is also a game like the quiz that can earn you 610 madpoints per Round, if you answer all the questions of course. I play in a group, with my family and friends to answer questions. No one tells you that games should be Play solo. Some games such as word bonus, parimots, push panic 2 or gooze, can be Play with friends giving you their opinion on the answers.

So good luck to all ^^ and don't be discouraged 😉.

21/09/2008 22:01:57

then yes, that's right.

10/07/2008 21:49:32

totally agree with you it is better to buy them in stores it is cheaper than buying credits you need a lot of them to be able to reach the points you ask for even for small Prizes

15/06/2008 14:04:41

You're right, it's discouraging.
But the only way to earn more points is to buy Rounds (badly).

04/06/2008 13:37:15

Bold textwrite hereHello, I am disappointed with the Prizes because it takes a lot, a lot of points even for very small Prizes.

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