Player soivek posted a message on 19/09 11:52 on the MadLotto Forum: That's it!!!!!!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  That's it!!!!!!
21/09/2007 13:06:15

Hello me too I'm quite curious to know...I'm a MadWin addict...I'm a platinum vip so I've cracked quite a bit and I continue every month...and I'm not at that level there...I'm just getting closer to nintendo...kisses

20/09/2007 13:05:37

I'm also curious to know what games and how many credits you have invested to win a prize to so many points in such a short time.

20/09/2007 12:55:06

It's true I was quick, but I play a lot in credit mode.

In my opinion the hold-up is not too difficult, wait until a few people have played and then it's okay. I'm also a little lucky.

After winning what I was interested in, I Next playing to exchange my winnings for madpoints and then I got there.

Good luck, anyone can do it.

19/09/2007 21:54:59

Congrats !
Can you tell us what your favorite games are for having reached more than 24 million so quickly?

19/09/2007 11:52:30

That's why I was able to take the TV in the shop:D:D:D:D

After a little more than a month of play, I'm too happy.

I've already won several pretty cadets, but now!!!!

MadWin is really the TOP.

Thank you for existing!!!!!!!

Good game and good luck to all.

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