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Subject :status No information provided
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21/03/2007 11:29:46

Please tell me what the "uninformed" status means in the earnings tracking? Someone has already asked this question below in this forum but no answers;
Thank you

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22/03/2007 11:59:53

I am also in the same case in relation to the follow-up of my gains, with indicated like state "not informed". Please tell us the meaning of this statement, hoping for the next validation of the winnings.

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22/03/2007 12:06:09


I do not know exactly what it is, but I have passed on to our responsible customer, I think you will have a quick return!

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11/07/2007 14:30:59

Hello hi I currently have the same problem my earnings are in "not informed state" your problem is solved? if yes thank you for filling in STP because no response from Customer Service 🙋

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11/07/2007 16:09:22

JIMMY949 wrote:
Hello hi I currently have the same problem my earnings are in

Here is the response from customer service to my request:

the indeterminate state or unspecified state is a temporary state that means that your gain is in one of these processing phases (phase generally related to the preparation of the shipment). This status will be updated as soon as the processing in question is completed. In a few days at most, this state will therefore be signifant again! Thank you for your patience and understanding🙁y):

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