Player cholita44 posted a message on 24/11 19:32 on the MadLotto Forum: check gift window?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :check gift window?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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24/11/2007 19:32:36

hello to all
little message to the webmaster:
where are the cheques in the gift window???
still unavailable? why????
I hope we can find some soon, before Christmas???
it would be really nice... it would be great... for the holidays... go!..!!

if not as a gift idea
why not offer vouchers in our well-known supermarkets!!!

it would leave us a great choice!

what do you think? ! the madwinneurs ???

good game to all!
and thanks madwin

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10/12/2007 06:31:12

Well, it's a very good idea. I'm for kisses

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