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Subject :translucent calculator
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14/01/2008 19:15:12

since 26/11/2007 (where it was noted sent) I wait for my calculator translucide .... according to what is written in the site I should have received in the next week .... contact with Madwin ..... you have to wait 6 weeks !!!! I specify that my address is accurate
question: do you receive the gifts between 4 to 6 weeks of shift compared to the mention sent on ... It was a calculator that I wanted to offer as a Christmas present ... it will be for Christmas 2008 or 2009 !!! I'm disapointed. I thought I found a serious site compared to other gaming sites ...
I mean a serious site: if they offer gifts that they do not have or that will be delivered with a lot of delay, it must be said to the customers. At that moment I would have chosen something else.
result: I less want to commit to play on madwin. Pity .

: Wave🙁ouais)

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16/01/2008 12:51:02


Your lot was sent on November 26th. We do a lot of things to satisfy our members, but one thing we can not do is bring the gifts ourselves directly to the winners ... 😉

Your gifts are sent to you by a company called La Poste and which is responsible for the delivery of mail. Once you have not received the mail we are subject to their payment to file a dispute.

Believe that we are the first to be angry when this kind of thing happens, and we do best every time to find lost packages, while being subjected, once again, to the directives of La Poste. It takes time, it's like that, we can not help it!

If you still want to hold us accountable, I can not prevent you, however, know that it will not change much ... Rather than annoy you against us and write things totally absurd, it would be more constructive to put you in contact with our Customer Service and your post office to find your parcel ...

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