Player groseille3333 posted a message on 24/08 22:04 on the MadLotto Forum: mad shop and gift shop. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :mad shop and gift shop
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24/08/2010 22:04:44

Good evening,

I saw some cool stuff in the mad shop: can we hope to win them one day in a gift shop? ?

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25/08/2010 21:07:17

Not bad as an idea! I had not thought about it!
What does the Webmaster think?

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27/08/2010 14:33:06

Hello 🙋

it is not planned at the moment, but we will think about it!

The Web'

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27/08/2010 20:58:14

Thank you Web 'for your answer!
As a gift for a tournament for example?

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