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Subject :Mobile Flower Attachment
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31/08/2010 15:57:18

Since the beginning of the summer, it is twice that I win the mobile attachment and that I do not receive it, the points are credited to me.
Has anyone received it this summer?
I want a lot because I hang them at the zippers of my bags and suitcases, it's super convenient.
I hope this little gift will not be removed from the list😒
Have a lovely day everybody
PS: we should make a sub item with each gift so that everyone comes to share their impressions on the gift, what do you think?

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02/09/2010 20:04:40

Good idea!

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27/09/2010 20:28:59

Apparently, the fun showcase where we found the mobile holder no longer exists. It's silly, I ordered one too and it was nice as a gift πŸ™

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27/09/2010 20:50:52

πŸ™‹ Good evening!

You can always try your luck at the raffle!
Good luck, good games!

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