Player webmaster posted a message on 12/01 19:49 on the MadLotto Forum: MadWin: New Word Bonus... too!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  MadWin: New Word Bonus... too!
12/01/2011 19:49:53


The new features announced at the moment on Bonus Mots are also valid on the MadWin versionMadWin

Good games!
The Web'.

12/01/2011 20:03:53

Good evening!

I discovered the novelty earlier on QuoVerbis. 🤔

🙁y): A little something new, it doesn't hurt. Especially since we don't know in advance what grid we'll get. It spices things up.

🙁n): Fewer points I think. Fewer validated words than before (with the grid I had).

To see the next grids....

Good evening and good games.

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