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Subject :validated the earnings
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18/03/2011 19:43:38

Hello, I am new to the site and I would have liked to know how much time are validated the winnings, because I won a check yesterday and it is still not validated ... so I would have liked to know if it was normal?

thank you and sorry if it's a question but as I say I am new ... here are some thanks again

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21/03/2011 11:33:13

hello and welcome to you olivron 🙋

when you win a prize, you have to wait about 3-4 days for the administrators to validate your winnings.
on average, we receive the gifts in about 2 weeks, which is very reasonable. knowing that the maximum time of sending established in the regulation is 8 weeks.

good day and good games 🌹🌹

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21/03/2011 12:56:10

Thank you marina is simpa, and good games to you too ... 🙋

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