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Subject :showcases tombola
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10/04/2012 11:56:39

Hello, Everyone I've been registered for a little while already and I want to know if when you win a gift at the showcase raffle you can trade against madpoints.

Thank you for your future response

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07/05/2012 14:56:08

Hello, I just won the draw! but when I go in tracking my earnings it is stated that the gift is not sent! Will it be sent to my home soon or will I need to validate something on the site? Thank you for your help

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07/05/2012 16:37:56

Hello 🙋,

So already to respond to sincara, you can actually redeem your win on the Showcase Tombola points for as long as it has not yet been validated by the administrators and you have at least a Silver Dreamcard through which you benefit this advantage.

As for you luffy123, you have nothing to validate. It is the administrators who must validate your gift. Feel free to contact Customer Service to find out where your reward is coming from. They will be able to inform you.

Good games everyone!

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