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Subject :  Zombie Academy: Important announcement
12/11/2013 12:38:18

Hello 🙋 A

new version of Zombie Academy will arrive today, at the end of the evening.
We will give you all the details at that time, but know now that on this new version, you will no longer be able to Play with your free rounds.

If you want to Play Zombie Academy in free rounds mode, you only have a few hours left!

I'll see you tonight to Have a Look this new version!
The Web'.

15/11/2013 20:19:53

Good morning, everyone!
The new version of Zombie Academy, accessible only with your Coins, is finally online!

This new version has some nice new features in store for you, namely:
- A grid reduced to only 170 squares!
- A Loot in each Grid of at least €10 that you can always exchange for 1 CoinZ/1 Clic in the Trophy Room (€10 = 1 CoinZ = 1 Clic)
- A Trophy Room enlarged from 80 boxes to 150 boxes but with a size advantage: the Loot is randomly drawn from a list of 10 Wires including 2 Wires €1,000 ! Until the €1,000 Wires have been won, the list of Loots is not renewedLoots

Finally, please note that all Cool Meters have been reset for the launch of this new version because the score values between the 1st version and this one are different. However, to compensate for this inconvenience, we have decided to keep all the cards in your Zombinoscopes as they are. Your Zombinoscopes allowed you to earn 20,000 Points in the previous version. Now you can earn 150,000 Points! So it's time to complete your Zombinoscopes!

Have a good game!

The Web'.

15/11/2013 18:35:54

🤔 Oh.... I only had a few days to play it. And it's already over? It's a pity....

15/11/2013 17:33:55

It doesn't seem to be rushing to Play.

14/11/2013 01:31:58


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