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Subject :showcases tombola
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30/08/2008 01:22:33

hello to all of you,I am lind30 and I have just discovered the madwin forum because I spend most of my time on a brother site: "cadovillage".
I would like to ask a question: if we make a request for a cado on the window fell on the cadovillage site and we win, can we make a request on the same cado and the same window on madwin?
friendly lind30

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01/09/2008 22:38:00

🙋welcome by us
so to answer your question the two sites are different, you can win to one and not the other, after if there are the same gifts then yes why not try your luck😉 but not obliged to win every time
correct me if I'm wrong, thank you

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18/12/2008 02:23:29


I put on a present in raffle showcase yesterday which ended tonight at midnight,
and I would like to know what time today I would be if I won or not.
Is it from 4am , maintenance time on a lot of site , or another time?

Because I noticed that for showcase tick, we could validate his file from 1am,
so I wonder if it's the same time.

For info , I already saw in my account, earnings section, and I did not win anything.
And I have not been reimbursed.
So is it a technical problem or is it just not time to know?

Thank you for your reply...

PS : in response to lind30, those are 2 different sites, so it's only because you do something on one site that it affects another!

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18/12/2008 02:46:54

I just got my answer.
We know if we won from 2:30.
I lost, too bad ...

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